Computer Literacy 07
Course Information
prerequisites none
text Online texts, tutorials and other resources will be used.
description Provides a gentle introduction to computer technology. Introduces computing facilities and software in use at Bellarmine as well as general topics related to computer technology.
lab & software There will be substantial amount of lab time during class. However, for a few assignments, students will need to do work on a computer outside of class time. Any required software will be freely available.
The following gives a rough guide to the weight of each of the following elements. The actual weight will vary depending on the number of assignments and quizzes given.
Asgt TYpe description total
Quizzes All quizzes apply to final grade. Quizzes will be online and feedback will be immediate. Some quizzes will offer retakes with the most recent score counting towards the grade. Almost every week there will be a quiz. [10x20pts] 200
Final No final or midterm, however their will be a final quiz on the last day of class.  
Assignments & Worksheets Point values will vary for each assignment. 400
Notes Periodic note checks and final note turn in 200
Class Time Utilization These points are given at the beginning of the semester and may disappear during the semester if class time is not effectively used. 100
Presentation A 3 minute presentation on a computer industry related topic will be given by a group of students. 100
other info
late assignments
  • Not accepted without prior instructor notification via email
  • Refer to the course web site ( for upcoming assignments.
  • This class will be divided into 2 groups each meeting on alternating days.
  • If you miss a day, you are responsible for being prepared by checking the online syllabus and showing up on the next day (when the other group meets).
  • Missed quizzes can be made up at instructor's discretion.
  • Contact the instructor (email: if you have any concerns about the course or your (son's) grade.
Course Outcomes
Open to Growth and leadership  Students will have opportunities for growth as they gain skills in utilizing computer applications. Students will have an opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills by helping others in class and through classroom presentation.
Intellectually engaged The Computer Literacy student will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of computer science.
  • Exhibit skills and knowledge of computer applications suitable for a college preparatory student.
  • Understand ethical issues of computer technology and technologies impacts (both good and bad) on society as a whole.
Religious and Committed to Doing Justice   Students will understand how computer technology can further the cause of justice on local and international levels. Students will understand the work of groups like the Electronic Frontiers Foundation, and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility in protecting the rights of computer users.