web design: syllabus 07-08

Course Information
prerequisites   Students must have attained sophomore standing
text   None. Online references and course site along with in-class demos will be provided.
description   Provides students with an understanding of the technologies of the World Wide Web. Students will develop basic graphics tailored for the web and integrate them with their web pages. Students will gain experience developing basic web pages, designing and developing a multi-page website and uploading web pages to a web server. Tools such as DreamWeaver and FireWorks will be used to create web sites. Advanced technologies including cascading style sheets, dynamic HTML, and JavaScript will be covered.
lab &
  There will be a significant amount of lab time during class, however most students will benefit from additional lab time at home or after school. The PC lab in the basement of O'Donnel will have DreamWeaver and FireWorksinstalled and will be available for use after school and at lunch time. This semester we will be using DreamWeaver CS3 and Photoshop CS3.
  description total
Quizzes All quizzes apply to final grade, however some will allow additional attempts to potentially better the score.[10x10pts] 200
Midterm One of these, requires knowledge of HTML tags.[1x100pts] 100
Assignments Most will be completed in class. Focusing on a particular technique. 30 of these during the semester. [30x5pts] 200
Presentation Group presentation of 3-5 minutes on a topic related to the internet. 100
Projects Projects tie together several concepts that have been covered in class. They provide a mechanism for the student to express their ideas and a means to provide service for others. There will be one group project, the remaining projects will be individual. 300
Time Utilization A block of points given right at the beginning. Students keep the points unless they are using class time inappropriately (i.e. playing video games). 100
Notes Notes will be required. There will be several notebook checks early during the semester and then a final notebook check at the end of the semester. 100
other info
late assignments
  • not accepted
late projects
  • 25% off each day (or fraction of day) late
absences All assignments are posted online at the course website (http://learncompsci.com/class08). It is the student's responsiblity to check for any missed assignments.
Course Outcomes
Open to Growth and leadership
Students will grow in their comfort in and knowledge about web design and internet technologies. Students will understand the rapidly changing nature of web design and will learn the importance of continual growth and adaptation to these changes.

Intellectually engaged

The Web Design student will be able to:

  • Design a multiple page web site that represents their beliefs, ideas, and reflections.
  • Explain the technology, standards and protocols that support the internet.
  • Discuss the history of the internet and future trends.
  • Describe and use HTML to create web pages
  • Utilize a graphics tool to create graphics and images suitable for the web
  • Understand and describe the web design process

Religious and Committed to Doing Justice

Students will explore the moral and ethical ramifications of internet technology. Students will utilize their web page design skills in service for others. Students will understand how the world wide web can further the cause of justice on local and international levels.